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Man at home, Istanbul

The man with the beautiful eyes! One of the happiest people I met on a trip to Istanbul, in Turkey, in December a couple of years ago. I spoke a few words with him in Turkish. He was smiling and happy for me to take his photograph. I took it, to highlight this unusual circumstance ,of homelessness, in Turkey. A country where the family values, normally, prevent this kind of thing happening. Especially in the centre of Istanbul's tourist attractions, such as the market. I gave him a note after taking a few quick shots with my trusty, though imperfect Canon S90. Immediately, when people saw me taking photos of him, the atmosphere changed. People went in to McDonalds & bought him out a hearty, high cholesterol meal, & more. I left him to his merry dinner. With his magic feet!

Man at home, Istanbul
Sarmad, Nov 4, 2014
    • Helander
      :p ..........................
    • Sarmad
      Why bother rating at 1. Helander? I took this photo in controversial circumstances to overcome prejudice & ignorance! I did not want to intrude upon this man's life. But, I did so with courage. Not for any cheap gain. But, to show this man's courage to the world. On a subject that needs attention around the world. We should be doing something about the homeless. What do you think? Perhaps I should not have tested the understanding of the people here? Am I asking too much from you to see the beauty in this man's demeanour?
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    Nov 4, 2014
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