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Amateur Photographer

Lost in Tranquillity by Iza and Darek 2 May 2015

Lost in Tranquillity by Iza and Darek Canon EOS 700D, 100-400mm, 1/4000sec at f/5.6, ISO 100 This highly atmospheric image was uploaded to our Flickr page by AP readers Iza and Darek. We’ve featured them in our online picture of the week before, but this image, taken last year but only recently uploaded to our page, really caught our attention. ‘This picture was taken in late September last year. The location is a lake called Bukowskie, which is situated in the south-west of Poland,’ they say. ‘We waited a long time for such weather conditions. At a certain time of year and day, the sun appears between the two peaks and illuminates the surface of the lake. We were lucky in that, on the headland, there was an angler who complemented the whole scene.’

Lost in Tranquillity by Iza and Darek 2 May 2015
Amateur Photographer, Jul 3, 2015