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Lost in Music

My husband chose 'music' which is not really an object, but music has played a massive part throughout his whole life, impacting on every aspect and it goes beyond an individual object or a particular song, band or CD etc I have tried to represent this by the jumble of music items across time frames including a tape, discman, MP3 player etc (sadly we no longer have any vinyl).

Lost in Music
lm1, Feb 9, 2015
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      beautiful colours and almost abstract depiction of memories and the journey with a love of music. You've done a great job showing it in this way.Kate
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      tommy t
      Well thought out and photographed with superb colours and composition. Good Luck..Best Wishes.tommyt.
    • lm1
      Thanks Kate & Tommy. I wanted to try and incorporate bright colours to capture the vibrancey of music but wasn't sure how. In the end I found a visual representation of a sound wave which I set as my screen saver & used it as the back drop for the shot, so it would reflect off the items.
    • AlexDenny
      No MiniDisc either!! (But I agree, lovely colours).
    • hazzatori
      I agree with the colours it has that 80/90's feel to it which is apt with the types of media..
    • Yebisu
      Yes. Colours are lovely and composition works well.

      Only criticism (and it's a only a minor niggle) is I think it'd work better with more iconic music players like a classic Sony Walkman or an original iPod.
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    Monthly Forum Competition February 2015
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    Feb 9, 2015
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