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Amateur Photographer

Lady in Ford Capri - 43pts, First place

Lee Jeffries, Bolton Canon EOS 5D, 85mm, 1/1250 sec at f/2 Lee, an accountant, was recently in London to visit a client when he took time out to walk around Portobello Road. ‘It was about 5pm when I noticed this lady in an old Ford Capri,’ he says. ‘I’m usually not shy, but I had the feeling she wouldn’t like me taking her portrait, so I slowly walked past the car and got down on my knees in her blind spot and focused the mirror. I was close enough to know I would get good focus with the available light and shutter speed, and knew the background was far enough away to blur out.’ Lee later applied a cracked texture to mirror her features and dodged her face, as well as burning around the edges to guide the viewer’s eye in. Judges say 'Haunting and captivating, technically superb. Simply tremendous. Lee has surpassed himself.'

Lady in Ford Capri - 43pts, First place
Amateur Photographer, May 17, 2011