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Aga n Chickens

Keeping up the tradition

We will be celebrating our 32nd Wedding Anniversary in April and for years we have kept up a tradition of complimenting our Anniversary meal with a bottle of wine from 1983, the year we were married. Years ago my husband was able to buy a few cases of 1983 vintage wine to lay down at a reasonable price, but as that supply will at some stage run out, he has put by a few bottles of 1983 vintage port to reserve until we exhaust our wine stock. These bottles were his choice for something being kept for sentimental reasons. Cheers.......Christine

Keeping up the tradition
Aga n Chickens, Feb 18, 2015
    • AlexDenny
      I was born in 1983 and my mum and dad kept a bottle of elderflower wine made by some friends of theirs for me. The contents have this odd black stiff floating in it that I'm too scared to drink, but I still keep it!Yours, on the other hand, look well kept and looked after. I hope they're delicious!
    • Aga n Chickens
      Thank you Alex. I didn't dare move the cobwebs off the bottles, they sort of add character to them. I'm sure we'll find bits of black stuff in these specimens when they are finally opened. Wait until you next have something to celebrate and run your elderflower wine through a coffee filter and into a clean clear bottle. Wines of this age must throw some sediment.....just let it settle and let me know how it tastes ! Cheers.........Christine
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