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Amateur Photographer

Homeless man - 42pts, First place

Lee Jeffries, Greater Manchester Canon EOS 5D, 85mm, 1/160sec at f/2 After meeting a young homeless woman in London about a year and a half ago, Lee, an accountant, now travels abroad seeking out a city's homeless population, offering them food and conversation. In the course of his time with them, he takes their pictures. 'I met this man in New York City's Central Park. He was sitting there with his trolley and wouldn't say a word to me,' says Lee. 'Many won't reveal their names. They're too sad to do anything.' His eyes were like glass, he says, so he desaturated the reds and oranges to bring out the blue in the smoke. Lee says the man's fingers are what make the image one of his favourites. Judges say 'The story, the effort, the colour, the composition and attention to detail: this could be one of the strongest images that has ever won a round of APOY. Lee is a remarkable photographer with exceptional skills.'

Homeless man - 42pts, First place
Amateur Photographer, May 11, 2011