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Donald MacDonald

This old farmer obliged for a portrait as he proudly surveyed his livestock and collection of vintage tractors strewn across his land. His face etched with a thousand stories of a hard life crofting in the Scottish Highlands.

Donald MacDonald
Helander, Nov 4, 2014
    • Helander
      Thank you Mike for the rating.
    • Helander
      Thank you Sarmad for your rating.......you're too kind.
    • caledonia84
      Stands out brilliantly in your photostream, a contrast from the excellent landscape shots. I can imagine a border collie or two won't be too far from this gentleman.
    • Helander
      Cheers Scott. Yeah, it's a bit of an anomaly in my photostream. It was taken a long time ago and as it stands it's the only portrait I've taken. He's got that sort of face that begs to be photographed.
    • Helander
      Thank you folks for taken the time to view, comment and rate, appreciate it.
    • Rating:
      He reminds me of the 'that'll do guy' with the pig doing the sheep round up. :)Kate
    • Sarmad
      Even though the subject has character: I rated it a 4 because I find it lacks anything unusual, in my opinion. As this category is aiming to go beyond the norm. The 4 stars must have hurt you. As you retaliated with a vote of 1 for the homeless man whose charachter I had presented. Charachter is an interesting subject here. And not just that of the subjects
    • Helander
      Hurt....not at all. Ratings don't mean a thing and are of minuscule importance but are clearly a dear concern of yours by the way you have over reacted. At no point was I voting for a homeless man as you have stated above. It's silly for you to imply that.
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    Nov 4, 2014
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