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Amateur Photographer

Dock End Whitby by Frank Meadow Sutcliffe

Dock End Whitby by Frank Meadow Sutcliffe 1880. Sky tones couldn’t be captured using the wet-plate process, so Sutcliffe expertly printed in clouds from another negative Photographs reproduced by kind permission of the Sutcliffe Gallery, Whitby, www.whitby.at. To read the full article dated 1 October 2011 see this link: http://bit.ly/pTTOD2 To read further articles from the Icons of Photography series you can see them here; http://bit.ly/qK8KzF

Dock End Whitby by Frank Meadow Sutcliffe
Amateur Photographer, Oct 10, 2011
    • Snappy Viking
      Sutcliffe was decades ahead of his time, as can be seen in a wide range of his pictures. Considering the equipment he was using and the pioneering results he obtained we definitely owe this man a great deal.
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    Oct 10, 2011
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