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Amateur Photographer

Death Valley - 39pts, Third place

Mark Voce, West Yorkshire Canon EOS 5D Mark II, 17-40mm, 4mins at f/16 Mark, a marketing manager, has loved photographing coastal scenes ever since he took up photography seriously about four years ago. Early one morning in January he was exploring the coast around Scarborough when he spotted these steps leading down to the beach. ‘The image literally formed in my mind almost instantly,' he says. ‘All the elements were there. The tide was right, the clouds were subtle. The parallel lines drew me right in.' Working off his histogram, Mark took a few shots before settling on a four-minute exposure. Later, he boosted the contrast and did some doging and burning in Photoshop. Judges say 'There is so much to love about this image – the parallel lines, the tonal range, the horizon line that commands your attention. This is a technically superb image that demonstrates great skill.'

Death Valley - 39pts, Third place
Amateur Photographer, May 10, 2011