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Communion with my ancestors

The object is a tiny, silver-covered book of common prayer (basically a miniature) suggested by my dad. It had belonged to his grandparents and I remember it in the family home in Devon, where, when my dad was a child there, there were no electric lights. This is a totally different approach to photography than I'm used to, and I'm very grateful to my dad for lending me such a beautiful object (I will share a photo of the silver cover elsewhere). Sadly, as can be seen in the picture, the leather binding is giving up, so I fear it may not last another generation.

Communion with my ancestors
AlexDenny, Feb 11, 2015
    • Catriona
      I can understand this choice very well. My dad brought back a tiny bible from Bethlehem when he passed through in 1944. It is gorgeous with a very tactile olive wood cover. Definitely one of those things I would grab before leaving my house!Candles are the very devil aren't they? Expose for the light and other things can get too dark. I like the way you've shown us how small it is, though. Clever. :)Kate
    • AlexDenny
      Thanks Kate. Yes - the candle may have been a bad call. That said, I'm one of the people enjoying the dim lighting in Wolf Hall, so maybe I've got some sort of affinity with candle light!
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