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Clock Struck Thirteen

Big Brother is watching you I was aiming to get a cheap newsprint effect such as Winston Smith might have seen on papers and posters all around also I was trying to create the style I associate with Soviet Propaganda posters from the 60's

Clock Struck Thirteen
LesleySM, Mar 4, 2015
    • RogerMac
      Is this the right place to comment on the image? Don't care, I think it's a brilliant interpretation of the theme and am registering that comment
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      Excuse my ignorance I'm not a big reader of books so I didn't know this piece (until I googled it.)But from your explanation i can full appreciate what you were trying to achieve and you have done so brilliantly.Also many thanks for your kind comments on my picture for Feb which i only saw after the thread was closed so was unable to comment directly
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    Monthly Forum Competition March 2015
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    Mar 4, 2015
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