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Amateur Photographer

Chrysanthemums - 1st James Eldridge, Kent 46pts

1st James Eldridge, Kent 46pts Nikon D600, 90mm, 1/320sec at f/6.3, ISO 400 ’A view to do the dishes by’ Judges say: ‘We knew it wasn’t going to be easy selecting a winner from this round’s batch of entries, but after much deliberation we narrowed down our shortlist and selected our winner. James’s beautifully lit shot of the chrysanthemums in his kitchen really won us over. Of particular note are the raindrops on the window, which form a seductive bokeh effect. It’s a stunning shot and a more-than-deserving winner.’

Chrysanthemums - 1st James Eldridge, Kent 46pts
Amateur Photographer, Jul 21, 2013