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Careful, now!

Last Saturday I took my car for service, I was going to spend a few hours in the nearby shopping centre, and dreaded the prospect. I vaguely remembered there is a nearby green space and asked for directions - turns out it's quite big and it's a nature reserve! So I spent a pleasant hour an a bit, took a few more than 24 photos(!), and this is one of a couple I liked best. It had rained the night before, and it was still overcast, and it was like a snail festival: all sizes, all colours, stripes or no stripes, on grass, dry stalks and fresh leaves. While trying to take a photo of a group of snails (family?) this little one (smaller than a 5p coin) got knocked off on to a nettle leaf... ouch! Still, it went to the edge to explore :-)

Careful, now!
Themis, Apr 30, 2015