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Amateur Photographer

Bubbles - 37pts, Second place

David Hollingsworth, Lincolnshire Fujifilm FinePix S8100fd, 1/2sec at f/8 David, an electronics engineer, made these bubbles in a large vase with a little washing-up liquid. He lit the scene with LED torches, using sweet wrappers to give different tones. 'I set my camera to its highest f-stop to increase depth of field, especially as I was shooting through glass, and my ISO was set low at ISO 64 to stop any noise,' he says. Afterwards he converted it to b&w and inverted it so the bubbles appear on the surface. Judges say 'Is it an alien landscape or are they stones? David has created a unique, and technically superb, image that makes the viewer think.'

Bubbles - 37pts, Second place
Amateur Photographer, May 10, 2011