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Amateur Photographer

Avenue of Elms - 38pts, Third place

Alan Silverwood, Leeds Canon EOS-1D Mark II, 70-200mm, 1/50sec at f/8, ISO 400 This avenue of elm trees is located west of Armoy in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. Alan explains that it is known locally as the ‘Dark Hedges’ and was planted in 1750. ‘It was a dull day and there was a lot of shade from the branches, so I knew the exposure would be tricky,’ says Alan. ‘I used a fairly long lens to try to compress the sense of perspective in the scene’ Judges say, 'We love the tangled branches and the way the road draws the viewer through the centre of the image. The black and white conversion adds to the mysterious mood.'

Avenue of Elms - 38pts, Third place
Amateur Photographer, Apr 14, 2011