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Amateur Photographer

Ants - 36pts, Third place

Koshy Johnson, Hull Nikon D2x, 105mm, Fujichrome Provia, 2x flashguns Koshy, a GP from Hull, has captured what is perhaps the most dramatic image to win in a round of APOY, yet also one of the most compelling. Spotting this large group of ants while he was on holiday in India, Koshy gingerly placed a dead cockroach next to the swarm. 'They immediately pounced,' he says. 'I was amazed by their team work.' Working close, he skilfully set up two flashes on either side of the scene to get a more even exposure. Judges say 'This is a picture that grabs your attention and doesn't let go. Koshy has shown great ability and captured incredible detail in a picture worthy of some of the top nature photographers.'

Ants - 36pts, Third place
Amateur Photographer, May 10, 2011