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Achtriochtan mono

My favourite image: This is a picture I first took over 7 months ago, some may remember it appeared in the appraisal gallery. It was generally received well but with a few issues and opinions on how to improve which were gratefully accepted. Since first stumbling upon this location I've visited several times looking to take the advice given and improve upon the picture. I believe no picture is perfect and there's always room for improvement. Due to the nature of the location, length of walk, difficulty getting to the base of the waterfall, wind, rain and a lot of spray taking any picture is a difficult task. Each time I've visited the results have been better but there's always been slight niggles. I last visited at the end of April and managed to get 3 exposures before having to retreat due to the intense spray soaking myself and equipment. The exciting part is always the challenge in getting the picture plus the wait before getting home to see if any of the exposures would be ruined due to water spots even though on this occasion I used an umbrella and clear plastic shower cap to keep the worst of the spray at bay whilst setting up and composing before taking an exposure. To my joy I had one exposure out of the three which was free of spray and with the desired exposure to create the flows the way I'd envisaged. Personally this is the picture I am most proud of to date due to the various difficulties in getting picture and the determination to create a picture as I first visualised after many failed attempts.

Achtriochtan mono
Helander, Jun 4, 2014
    • Helander
      Thank you for the ratings guys, it means so much that you took the time and effort, appreciated.
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      Congratulations, this is beautiful! The only way I would have liked this more would be with a bit of colour, but I'm just a nitpicker...
    • mf1209
      It's a lovely shot. I looked at it with the main fall cropped to the left so it wasn't so dominant, and liked it even more - but is that 'cos I'm a Virgo ? !
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    Monthly Forum Competition - June 2014
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    Jun 4, 2014
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