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Amateur Photographer

42nd Street - 41pts, First place

Paul Heskes, Manchester Nikon D70, 10.5mm fisheye, 1/5000sec at f/3.2 Paul, a firefighter, was in New York, where he had bought a fisheye lens to go with the Nikon D70 his wife had given him. The morning before checking out of his hotel, he noticed incredible light streaming down 42nd Street outside his window, casting long shadows of the people making their way to work. ‘My head couldn't fit through the opening, so all I could see were the shadows below me.' Nevertheless, Paul attached his fisheye and held his camera upside down at arms' length out the window just to the left of the angled reflection on the left side of the frame. ‘I was literally just playing around,' he says. ‘I had no idea what was out there!' Judges say 'This image has everything – reflections, shadows, perspective, detail, striking light and, of course, leading lines. We've rarely seen a better urban landscape. Paul, who is retiring in a couple years, says he plans to start taking his photography more seriously with the aim of using it to help supplement his firefighter's pension. We have no doubt he'll be successful with this endeavour if he is producing images as stunning as this.'

42nd Street - 41pts, First place
Amateur Photographer, May 10, 2011