David Clark

David Clark

The influence of Tony Ray-Jones's groundbreaking street photographs has increased in the four decades since his death. David Clark looks at the life and work of the British photographer

Shin Noguichi Tokyo 2016

David Gibson, one of Britain’s best-known street shooters, talks to David Clark about the ethics, practicalities, frustrations and joys of street photography

Harry Borden Survivor

Although famous for his celebrity portraits, Harry Borden’s first book is a moving collection of Holocaust survivor portraits. It was partly an exploration of his own cultural heritage, he tells…

This is one of those pictures where our perception of it has changed due to the widely reported tragic events that occurred some time after. When I shot this image,…

Gered Mankowitz initially felt his first photo session with Jimi Hendrix was a failure. Now one of the images he shot is an iconic rock portrait, writes David Clark