Callum McInerney-Riley

Snapseed 2.0

Callum McInerney-Riley tests Snapseed 2.0 – a free editing tool for your smartphone or tablet, offering one of the most comprehensive feature sets of any editing app

The Nissin Di700A with Air Commander is a powerful off-camera flash kit with wireless control for TTL metered and manual shooting. Callum McInerney-Riley tries it out.


Callum McInerney-Riley tests out the Takeaway T1 Clampod


Callum McInerney-Riley tests the Phottix Indra lights, boasting TTL, high-speed sync and up to 500Ws inside a small, portable on-location flash kit


Callum McInerney-Riley tests the Case Remote Wireless DSLR Controller, a device that adds wireless functionality to many DSLRs even if they don’t have a built-in Wi-Fi module


Callum McInerney-Riley tests the XSories Kong U-Shot, a telescopic monopod designed for both video and stills

HTC M9 VSCO camera

Price: Free Website: VSCO Cam App at a glance Smartphone image-editing app Allows advanced editing options Features many presets to change colours Available free on iPhone and Android Gives…


Callum McInerney-Riley tests a flash modifier that allows photographers to bounce, soften and control the spread of light of their flash


Callum McInerney-Riley tests the Hähnel Tuff TTL, a rugged and affordable TTL metering flash trigger for both Canon and Nikon cameras


Callum McInerney-Riley tests a stylish bag that is ideal for a small camera kit