Amateur Photographer

Amateur Photographer
tone control

Darkroom specialist Mike Crawford talks about the importance of tonal balance when it comes to making a fine black & white print


Discover how to shoot and combine your images for all kinds of creative effects. Our Photoshop expert James Paterson show you how

Eskdale Roman Fort

The Eskdale valley is one of the quieter locations in the Lakes owing to its remoteness, but it’s one of the most spectacular, as Stuart McGlennon explains

Photography events plane

If you’d like to learn new skills from high-calibre photographers, or gain access to locations and subjects normally out of bounds, consider booking a photography event, says Tracy Calder

Lith printing

With renewed interest among photographers in the classic process of lith printing, Mike Crawford reveals the technique and materials for best results

Elements tonal tools

Whether you want to enhance contrast, convert to black & white, fix exposure problems or perform any number of other image adjustments, you need an image editor that offers the…