Amateur Photographer

Amateur Photographer
DIY hacks coffee cup flare

Why max out a credit card on accessories when you can make simple tools yourself? Matty Graham shows how to get great shots for less

Lighting shooting against the light

During the course of just 24 hours the colour, intensity and direction of natural light changes dramatically, leading to countless photographic opportunities, says John Wade

Newborn photography props

What’s the difference between baby and newborn photography? Plenty, says leading practitioner Kristina Mack who shares a few of her trade secrets

Claire Gillo light

Professional photographers from across the globe reveal their top tips for shooting environmental portraits, documentary portraiture, weddings, action portraits and professional headshots

Waterfowl swans

Common waterfowl are often overlooked when looking for a photography project. Tesni Ward shares her tips on how to make the most of these charismatic birds

Lunar photography Corfe Castle

Including the moon in a landscape image has its challenges, but Ollie Taylor knows how to overcome them and make the most of two popular passions

Avoid the cliches

Bagging an iconic landscape is great for many photographers, but knowing when to explore alternatives is vital for expressing identity as an artist, says David Clapp

Arctic terns

Capture Arctic terns during the summer when they are nesting at one of many seabird colonies in the UK, says Oscar Dewhurst