APOY results round 7 Wish You Were Here

You took us around the world and back again in Our Wish You were Here round.

Paul Whiting, of Co Wexford, Ireland, wins first place in our Travel round of APOY 2010. round of APOY 2010. Paul will receive Canon?s PowerShot G11 compact camera, worth £569, along with an underwater housing, worth £209. The PowerShot G11 combines a 10MP high-sensitivity sensor, a 5x wideangle (28mm) lens, a full manual mode and a 2.8in vari-angle LCD. Paul will also receive Canon?s Extender EF 1.4x II, worth £135, which increases the effective aperture of the lens by one stop and extends focal length by 1.4x. Also included is a Canon Conversion Lens Adaptor, worth £44. In total, the first-placed winner will receive prizes worth £980.

Our second-placed winner is Alex Rosen, of Lincolnshire, who will receive Canon?s PowerShot S90, worth £439. The S90 lets users shoot quickly with a lens control ring to get superior low-light performance with a high-sensitivity 10MP CCD and f/2 lens. Along with full manual control and raw mode, it

Deba Prasad Roy, of Kolkata, India, finished third in the round and receives Canon?s 12.1MP PowerShot D10, worth £289. The D10 is ideal for outdoors, offering water resistance to 10m and shock resistance. It also features 3.0x zoom, optical IS and Scene Detection Technology. Also included is a D10 accessory kit with straps and covers, worth £109.

Amateur Photographer of the Year 2010

With just two rounds left to judge in APOY 2010, the competition is hotting up. There is a crowd of competitors all within points of each other on our leader board, and one flase move could be another person?s gain.

Sean Slevin again inches closer to number one, but Martin and Dan Deakin keep pace with Top 50 finishes this month.

1st Paul Whiting, Hampshire 43pts

Canon EOS 5D Mark II, 70-200mm, f/11

Paul, the 2005 winner of APOY, took this picture just after sunrise while climbing about 80ft up on the sand dunes at Mesquite in Death Valley, California. ?I saw the hikers pop down along the dune and luckily I had my 70-200mm lens on to reach out and capture their figures against the amazing shapes of the dunes,? says Paul. ?Normally I don?t include people in the landscape, but on this occasion they gave such a fantastic sense of scale I felt they would enhance the image. I converted it to black & white to emphasise the lovely shapes of the dunes.?

Judges say There is so much to like about this visually arresting image. Paul?s exposure has captured extreme contrast to abstract effect, while the inclusion of the hikers gives the image scale and a small dose of reality.

2nd Alex Rosen, Kolkata, India 39pts

Nikon D90, 18-105mm, 1/100sec at f/5, ISO

Alex, a structural engineer from Lincoln, took this shot at the end of a landscape and wildlife photographic holiday in Iceland. ?I?d extended my stay for a few days to tour around on my own and visited the Blue Lagoon, near Reykjavik, on my way back to the airport,? he says. ?I realised there was photographic potential while immersed in the steamy sulphurous water, so I went poolside and took a whole sequence of shots. You get an idea of the temperature from their beetroot-red faces!

Judges say ? Judges say Perfectly framed, Alex?s image is humorous, beautiful and surreal. That he managed to get such a good exposure among all that white is also a feat.

3rd Deba Prasad Roy, of Kolkata, India 39pts,

Nikon D90, 18-105mm, 1/100sec at f/5, ISO 800

Deba captured this image on a holy festival day in Barsana, Uttar Pradesh, India. ?The festival is a fantastic cultural event for devotees of Goddess Rahika and Lord Krishna, which is observed by many in India,? Deba says. ?There are lots of colours on display, and I wanted to capture these. The festival is marked by singing and dancing, and people also throw coloured dust at each other, which seemed like a great opportunity to capture the spirit of the day.?

Judges say Judges say Deba did well to seek out an overhead view, which gives us all the dramatic action and colour within one frame.

The leader board

With his first-place finish this round, Sean Slevin inches closer to number one. Meanwhile, Martin Greskovic takes over the top spot from Dan Deakin. Watch out for the results of our current round, Wish You Were Here, in AP 25 September 2010

To 50 entries for this round

  • 1 Paul Whiting 43pts
  • 2 Alex Rosen 40pts
  • 3 Deba Prasad Roy 39pts
  • 4 Simonas Valatka 38pts
  • 5 Gary Telford 37pts
  • 5 Martin Brown 37pts
  • 7 Balint Hudecz 36pts
  • 8 Gabor Bagics 35pts
  • 8 Jenny Burrows 35pts
  • 10 Mark Massey 34pts
  • 10 Shanon Moratti 34pts
  • 12 Ian Montgomerie 33pts
  • 12 Sean Slevin 33pts
  • 12 John Swannick 33pts
  • 12 Marek Troszczynski 33pts
  • 12 Ceri Vale 33pts
  • 12 James Valls 33pts
  • 18 Sarah Brigden 32pts
  • 18 Dibyendu Dey Choudry 32pts
  • 18 Lee Jeffries 32pts
  • 18 Noel Toone 32
  • 22 David Capel 31pts
  • 22 Andrew Kaplan 31pts
  • 22 Brian Lavery 31pts
  • 25 Adrian Brophy 30pts
    • 25 Mark Crocker 30pts
    • 25 Jean Macdonald 30pts
    • 25 David Meredith 30pts
    • 25 Dave Wilcox 30pts
    • 30 Dan Deakin 29pts
    • 30 Phan Hien 29pts
    • 30 Hatiq Mohammedpts 29pts
    • 30Henrique Souto 29pts
    • 34 Roger Barrett 28pts
    • 34 Martin Greskovic 28pts
    • 34 Don McCulloch 28pts
    • 34 Steve Mepsted 28pts
    • 34 Joe Tully 28pts
    • 38 Sebastian Bakaj 27pts
    • 38 Tapan Pramanik 27pts
    • 40 Ricardo Alarcon 26pts
    • 40 Darren Athersmith 26pts
    • 40 Andreas Krommidas 26pts
    • 40 Andrew Lever 26pts
    • 40 Scott Masterton 26pts
    • 46 John Seamons 25pts
    • 47 Steve Webb 24pts
    • 48 Simon Birkenhead 23pts
    • 49 Steve Knibbs 20pts
    • 50 Sourangshu Gupta 18pts

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