We reveal the results of the first round for this year's APOY Night Life


We’re off to a great start in APOY 2015. Here are the results from APOY round 1 Night Life

Dave Stewart from Edinburgh is the winner of round 1, Night Life (Low Light Photography), of APOY 2015. Dave will receive a Sigma 35mm f/1.4 DG HSM | A lens, an EF-610 DG Super flashgun and a USB dock worth a total of £1,099.97.

Sigma-prizes-APOY-2015Using a cutting-edge design and state-of-the-art production technology, Sigma has honed the performance of its 35mm f/1.4 DG HSM | A lens to the point where it can do full justice to the expressive power of the very latest digital cameras. With a large f/1.4 aperture, this optic can achieve the highest level of brightness with an attractive blur for wideangle images. The fast f/1.4 aperture also enables you to capture unique pictures in a variety of scenes, such as evening views and indoor handheld portraits.

The EF-610 DG Super electronic flash features a powerful Guide Number of 61m @ ISO 100 and is designed to work with the latest TTL auto-exposure systems of all popular manufacturers’ digital and film SLR cameras. The autozoom function automatically sets the optimum illumination angle in accordance with the focal length of the lens in a range from 24mm to 105mm. When the built-in Wide Panel is used, the flash can cover an angle of 17mm. For bounce flash, the flashgun head can be tilted up by 90°, to the left by 180° or to the right by 90°. It can also be tilted down by 7°, allowing ease of use for close-up photography.

Among the advanced features of this flash is a modelling function, multi-pulse, TTL wireless, FP (high speed), rear-curtain synchro and manual mode, which allows the photographer to set the flash power level by up to 8 stops.

The Sigma USB Dock enables photographers to update firmware and customise features of the lens via Sigma Optimization Pro software, which is available to download from Sigma’s website.

Our congratulations also go to Svetlana Volkova, from Latvia, who was second, and Michael Marsh, from Kent, in third place.

APOY round 1 Night Life

1st Dave Stewart, Edinburgh 50pts

1st Dave Stewart, Edinburgh 50pts

Canon EOS 7D Mark II, 10-22mm, multiple exposures, filter

Shooting at night is not an easy task. With so many aspects to consider (exposure, composing in low light, and so on), it can be difficult to ensure that you come away with an engaging shot. It’s heartening to see so many people take on the challenge and here we have a shot that stood out from the others. This image consists of a blend of several exposures of St Abbs Lighthouse in the Scottish Borders. It’s an incredible image and a more than worthy first place.

APOY round 1 Night Life

2nd Svetlana Volkova, Latvia 49pts

2nd Svetlana Volkova, Latvia 49pts

Canon EOS 5D, 35mm, 0.5sec at f/5, ISO 100

In second place is Svetlana Volkova with a shot that has so much going for it. The atmosphere bleeds from the image and the inclusion of the silhouette with the umbrella lends the scene a near cinematic quality. The diffusion of the light through the evening mist is a particularly nice quality, as are the long shadows leading our eye into the subject.


APOY round 1 Night Life

3rd Michael Marsh, Kent 48pts

3rd Michael Marsh, Kent 48pts

Canon EOS 5D Mark II, 24-105mm, 0.3sec at f/4, ISO 3200

Here we see a shot of Michael’s son taken on a country lane in Hernehill, Faversham in Kent. ‘The temperature was very low, giving good vapour trails,’ says Michael. ‘The light source was provided by my car headlights.’ It is a very cinematic scene and a great example of how shooting at night can give your shot an enveloping ambience

Top 50 entries for Night Life – Low Light Photography:

1 Dave Stewart 50pts
2 Svetlana Volkova 49pts
3 Michael Marsh 48pts
4 Alireza Teimoury 47pts
5 Graham Borthwick 46pts
6 Chris Evans 45pts
7 Lee Acaster 44pts
8 Tomer Eliash 43pts
9 Simon Patient 42pts
10 James Mills 41pts
11 Simon Anderson 40pts
12 Amri Arfianto 39pts
13 Matt Parry 38pts
14 Adele Spencer 37pts
15 David Queenan 36pts
16 Graeme Youngson 35pts
17 Elisa Bortolotti 34pts
18 Naf Selmani 33pts
19 Mike Lowthian 32pts
20 John Hartshorne 31pts
21 Jim Tate 30pts
22 Steven Reid 29pts
23 Andrew Howe 28pts
24 Ben Pike 27pts
25 David Ball 26pts
26 Kevin Crozier 25pts
27 Hayri Kodal 24pts
28 George Fisk 23pts
29 Sirsendu Gayen 22pts
30 Theunis Viljoen 21pts
31 Matt Emmett 20pts
32 Robert Beacon 19pts
33 Matt Crouch 18pts
34 Adam Stephenson 17pts
35 Christiana Artenie 16pts
36 Antonio Rojas Jr 15pts
37 Eduardo Marques 14pts
38 Simon Kernthaler 13pts
39 Derek Robertson 12pts
40 Chris Wood 11pts
41 Jeff Moore 10pts
42 Sue Keeling 9pts
43 Paul Beverley 8pts
44 Matt A Revel 7pts
45 John Blackman 6pts
46 Christopher Day 5pts
47 Ian Cook 4pts
48 Rodney Harrison 3pts
49 John Ward 2pts
50 Ben Holland 1pts

View the winnng images in the APOY 2015 Gallery

The 2015 Leaderboard

In this first round of APOY 2015, Dave Stewart from Edinburgh takes top spot with his image of St Abbs Lighthouse in the Socttish Borders. Following just behind in second place is Svetlana Volkova from Latvia, while in third place we have Michael Marsh from Kent.

  Position       Name  Points
     1  Dave Stewart  50pts
     2  Svetlana Volkova  49pts
     3  Michael Marsh  48pts
     4  Alireza Teimoury  47pts
     5  Graham Borthwick  46pts
     6  Chris Evans  45pts
     7  Lee Acaster  44pts
     8  Tomer Eliash  43pts
     9  Simon Patient  42pts
   10  James Mills  41pts


APOY 2015