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International Students are also welcome to join the School of Photographic Imaging.

How the SPI courses work

As this is a home study course students are free to work at their own pace an in their free time.

There are no classes to attend, the course continues all year round and you can enrol at any time.

On joining you receive the course manual and the module book which outlines the work you need to submit to your tutor as you progress through the course.

You can work to suit your own schedule, but the full course should be completed within three years for the longer courses, 6 months for the Bitesized courses.

What happens when you enrol?

So once you’re enrolled, you will receive your pack including all the course contents you will need in order to get started. The packs are sent out via special delivery and are sent the very same day your order is received.

Your pack will also include a copy of your enrolment letter. It is imperative you keep this safe, as this will contain your student number used for correspondence with the SPI or your tutor.

In addition, your letter will have in-depth instructions as to how you can download the software used in order to upload your modules, ready for your tutor to mark.

Once your tutor receives your modules, he’ll then send your results and feedback to the SPI Co-coordinator who will then forward this onto you.

When you have completed all the modules, you will then receive a grade and a certificate to show you have completed your course.

What will my pack contain?

Pack contents:

  • Course manuals
  • Starter pack including photo goodies

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