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  1. Beginners guide to Street Photography

    Beginners guide to Street Photography - If you love people watching, then street photography could be perfect for you - get inspired here

  2. Street photography and the law (2022 update)

    Street photography would be more popular if people felt more informed about the legal side, reckons Damien Demolder. He updates us, and considers street photography’s future

  3. Fill the Frame documentary explores social media’s influence on street photography

    A new documentary, Fill the Frame, directed by Tim Huynh explores the street photography genre and the influence of social media.

  4. Using smartphones for street photography

    Three photographers show us why smartphones are the perfect tool for capturing life on the street.

  5. How the pandemic changed street photography

    Steve Pill speaks to three very different pros about new briefs, adapting techniques during the pandemic, and what the future holds for street photography

  6. Essential street photography tips

    Now the Street photography round of APOY is open, here are some essential tips to help you get the best possible images as you hit the streets

  7. Top Street Photography Tips from The Photography Show 2021

    Photographers speaking at The Photography Show shared their top tips for shooting on the street.

  8. Street Photography – meet the GuruShots winners

    Here are some of the most inspiring and engaging images sent in to GuruShots on the theme of Street Photography

  9. Best Camera For Street Photography

    If you're looking for the best camera for street photography, then here are the the top choices from street photographer Damien Demolder

  10. Street photography in lockdown

    When street photographers are faced with an empty lockdown landscape, a new approach is necessary. Nick Turpin reveals how he's been using lockdown for creative inspiration

  11. Meeting a master of street photography

    Vasco Trancoso captures the colour, contrast and geometry of the streets where he lives in his stunning new book. Damien Demolder finds out more

  12. Black and white street photography: Tips and techniques from the experts

    Effective black and white street photography isn’t just about losing colour. Two top street and documentary shooters share their wisdom

  13. Magnum Streetwise: The Ultimate Collection of Street Photography | Book review

    Magnum is synonymous with street photography, and this book is a masterclass in the genre. Amy Davies delves inside its pages

  14. Top tips for striking street photography

    Time to get out and capture striking street scenes. Paramedic Chris Porsz, author of four street photography books, shares his top tips

  15. Are mirrorless cameras best for street photography?

    Small and silent cameras have long been prized in street photography. Here’s why Damien Demolder prefers mirrorless systems for observing everyday life

  16. Win a day out on a Brighton street photography walk with AP and Olympus

    Are you a DSLR owner looking to switch over to a smaller, lighter, mirrorless system? Are you free on Wednesday 13th June? Then why not come and spend the afternoon in Brighton trying out the latest Olympus cameras and lenses, while enjoying an escorted photo walk around one of Britain’s most photogenic cities.

  17. Panasonic GX9 unveiled, described as “premium street photography camera”

    30MP sensor and tilting viewfinder in compact body design

  18. Top tips for 2018: Street photography

    For successful street shots give zone focusing a go, think about your angle of view and lens choice, and keep an eye out for interesting reflections

  19. New street photography project aims to capture society’s smartphone obsession

  20. What makes great street photography?

    David Gibson, one of Britain’s best-known street shooters, talks to David Clark about the ethics, practicalities, frustrations and joys of street photography

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