Innocent photographer in shock over deletion of picture; June debut for Nikon 1 S2; Canon unwraps new wideangle zooms; Pentax 645D price slashed 50% in four years; Jessops launches motorsport courses; Calumet reopens US stores

The latest books, exhibitions and websites

Mastering DSLR video
Take part in our one-day DSLR video tuition seminar at Pinewood Studios with leading film-maker Victoria Grech, in association with Tiffen

The final frame
Time is the basis of all value, says Roger Hicks, and we should spend it wisely, whether in photography or in life

Photo insight
Photographer and mountaineer Doug Kofsky discusses his epic image of the Baltoro Glacier in Pakistan and the advances in camera technology that have made his images more easily achieved

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 Mark III
Michael Topham takes a first look at Sony’s Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 Mark III – the first premium compact camera to feature a pop-up electronic viewfinder

AP guide to… shooting infrared landscapes
Infrared doesn’t have to be daunting. Phil Hall reveals how to take striking infrared landscape images

Eyelead Sensor Gel Stick and Be-ez LA Robe graphite bag on test

Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II
Canon’s latest premium compact sets its sights on improving where the PowerShot G1 X left off. Michael Topham finds out whether the new model is a significantly better camera

Samsung NX mini
Meet the world’s smallest and lightest interchangeable-lens camera, the 20.5-million-pixel NX mini. Jon Devo takes a look

Interfit EX400 Ti 2-Light Softbox Kit
Andrew Sydenham tests Interfit’s most powerful offering from the well-established EX budget range of flash heads

Gitzo Mountaineer GT1542
Launched back in the 1990s, Gitzo’s carbon-fibre Mountaineer range of tripods still have a reputation for excellence. Now they have been given an overhaul, as Callum McInerney-Riley explains

Ask AP
Our experts answer your questions

AP readers speak out on the week’s issues

AP reader Dave Mason takes a lighthearted look at the lengths people go to in their quest to upgrade their camera

APOY results round 2
We reveal the top 30 photographs in our Animal Planet round of Amateur Photographer of the Year

Damien Demolder examines your images, offering words of wisdom and constructive advice

Spirit of the street
Fine-art photographer Rupert Vandervell discusses the themes behind his personal and haunting take on street photography and explains how the right camera helped him realise his vision. Oliver Atwell reports

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