What’s in AP 30 November

It’s good to share
Your best shots, uploaded to AP’s social media channels using the hashtag #appicoftheweek. Why not join in?

Keeping your gear great
From cleaning your sensor to preserving your tripod and filters, Angela Nicholson explains how to extend your kit’s life

APOY Round 7
Sunshine, snow and showers – see it all in the top 30 of our Whatever the Weather theme

Best cameras and lenses 2019
Twelve cameras, ten lenses: what made the pick of the technical team’s crop this year?

Reader Portfolio
Feast your eyes on Kieran Metcalfe’s stunning landscapes

Behind the print
Making the most of a woodland scene, with Lizzie Shepherd

Photography and the law
If you want to take street shots but are worried about your rights, Damien Demolder is here to set your mind at rest

Shooting the high seas
Vice president of the RNLI Ambrose Greenway reveals all about his love of the sea

7 days
Tech Talk
Final Analysis

COVER PICTURE © Andrew Sydenham