Amateur Photographer 23 November 2019

November 20, 2019

What’s in AP 23 November

Moody winter wonderlands
Creating images full of mood and atmosphere takes a keen eye and an ability to see order in chaos, as Neil Burnell explains

Call of the wild
A superb selection of images from this year’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition and exhibition, as chosen by Amy Davies

Christmas gift guide
Looking for a Christmas gift for a photographer friend – or for yourself? Andy Westlake and Michael Topham have selected 62 awesome accessories for you to choose from

Underwater gannets
In this week’s ‘Photo Insight’, Amy Davies finds out more about Tracey Lund’s incredible shot

Eastern promise
In ‘Photo Stories’ this issue, Peter Dench talks to Özge Sebzeci about her difficult yet important project

The look of LUTs
Want a more distinctive look for your images, with more ‘cinematic’ colours and tones? As Geoff Harris explains, it’s time to fall in love with LUTs

Legends of photography
His work had an indelible impact on the British post-war photography scene, as Oliver Atwell reveals

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COVER PICTURES © Neil Burnell / Geoff Harris

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