Amateur Photographer 23 August 2014

August 19, 2014

Travel portraits
Award-winner David Lazar reveals how to capture natural portraits of strangers

Wild Life
Portrait photographer Brad Wilson on the challenges he faced shooting a new kind of subject

Curating a legacy
Charlie Siskel, the director of an acclaimed new film about photographer Vivian Maier, explains why her story is so compelling

Spectacular scanography
Create highly detailed still-life images using your digital scanner

Damien Demolder examines your images

Tablets round-up
Jon Devo with a photographer’s view on the most popular tablets on the market?

EISA Awards 2014
We present the 19 winners selected by the EISA panel as the very best products in their class

7 days
A week in photography

Your letters and Guess the Date competition

Photo Insight
Nicolas Reusens discusses his Sony World Photography Award-winning chance shot, called ‘The Knight and His Steed’. He talks to Oliver Atwell

Reader Portfolio
Spotlight on readers’ excellent images and how they captured them

Useful gadgets to enhance your photography, from phones to filters

Technical Support
Expert advice, tips, tricks and more

Final Analysis
Roger Hicks considers… ‘Cave of St Francis of Assisi, Haiti, c2002’ by Cristina García Rodero

AP cover Wildlife supplement 23 August 2014

Improve Your Wildlife Photography Supplement

Andy Rouse
Chris Packham
10 top locations
10 top accessories
Essential wildlife accessories

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