Amateur Photographer 16 August 2014

August 12, 2014

On the wing
David Tipling explains the skills you need to capture birds in flight

Peak performance
Top mountaineer Alan Hinkes OBE on his passion for photography

Moody blues
We find out how Andy Lee creates his fantastic fake colour and mono infrared images of Iceland

Classics revisited
Phil Hall and Andrew Sydenham recreate Erwin Blumenfeld’s intriguing ‘Doe Eye’ shot

Evening class
Martin Evening sorts out your photo-editing and post-processing problems

Nikon D810
We put the 36.3-million-pixel D810 through the full and comprehensive AP test
Sigma dp2 Quattro
The Sigma dp2 Quattro has a reworked sensor and unconventional body. We put it to the test

Camera insurance
Insure your camera gear with Amateur Photographer Insurance Services

Kaili Kelda 85mm f/1.8
Is a portrait lens that costs just £136 worth having in your camera bag? We find out

7 days
A week in photography

Your letters and Guess the Date competition

Photo Insight
Photographer Justin Mott explains the process behind his extravagant lifestyle image ‘Elephant and Swimmer’, taken in Thailand. He talks to Oliver Atwell

Reader Portfolio
Spotlight on readers’ excellent images and how they captured them

Useful gadgets to enhance your photography, from phones to filters

Technical Support
Expert advice, tips, tricks and more

Final Analysis
Roger Hicks considers… Roger Fenton’s still life with ivory tankard and fruit, c1860

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