We’re all guilty of letting our images gather dust on our hard drives. Make 2014 the year that you turn your pictures into something tangible and show them off where people can see them. Here are a few ideas…


1 Get Prints Made


There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing one of your favourite shots beautifully printed and framed, and it’s never been easier. With a host of professional labs able to deliver gallery quality prints in a range of sizes, from as small as 4x4in right up to extra-large poster prints. Not only that, but most offer framing services and a host of other finishes to really finish your photo off. The best bit is that this can be done easily, with sophisticated web-ordering systems to guide you through every step.


2 Making a Book


If you’ve got a stack of images you’d like to get printed, why not make a high-quality photobook? There are a number of dedicated online publishers out there such as Blurb that offer online tools to help you lay out your book and then print it for you to a excellent standard, with a lovely binding and hardback cover.


3 Join Flickr


If you’re not already a member of  this excellent photo-sharing site, now’s the time to sign up. It’s a great way to get your images seen by other like-minded photographers and learn from your peers, whether they’re offering constructive criticism or discussing a technique. It’s also a great place for inspiration, with a massive range of groups dedicated to specific subjects. Not only that, but you get 1TB of storage, so it’s a great way to back-up your work remotely. Another  popular alternative site for photo-sharing is 500 pixels (www.500px.com)


4 Create Your Own Website

Website design

You no longer need a degree in computing to build a website as there are a host of online services to help you design and layout your own tailored website. Most offer a range of templates, whether for a gallery, opening page or blog and you can even add your own URL to give it a really professional look. You’ll have to pay a yearly or monthly fee for them to host it, but if you want to show your work off to a wider audience, there’s nothing better.


5 Create a Social Media Page

If you haven’t already done so, setting up your own Twitter, Instagram or Facebook (photography specific) account is a great way of getting people to see your images, as well as interacting with fellow photographers.