Photographing staircases

Craig Roberts discovers the charms of staircases, an often overlooked photographic opportunity

Shooting portraits of the night shift

It’s fascinating how the world changes at night. When the 9-5 workers head home for the evening, a whole new side to a city comes to life. David Hedges explores it in his documentary images

Roosting starlings: by David Tipling

Photographing roosting birds

With millions of birds gathering across the UK, David Tipling looks at the potential on offer for photographing roosting birds.

Challenging the rules of street photography

If you’re a street photographer, or simply interested in the genre, think about how you define it. This may be a question you’ve often asked yourself already. While street photography isn’t necessarily a young genre (although its increasing popularity over…

Four top tips for high contrast street photography

The high contrast lighting of the midday summer sun can terrible for many subjects. However, street photography can look fantastic when photographers play with these areas of dark and light. See our top tips for high contrast street photography.

Borage, Colin Roberts

Top tips for photographing borage blooms

With poppies and lavender a firm favourite with photographers at this time of year, it’s easy to forget about borage. A beautiful flowering herb, borage blooms from June to August, and while it’s native to the Mediterranean it is hardy…

depth of field, landscape

Mastering hyperfocal distance

Hyperfocal distance is the precise focal distance at which depth of field is maximised for a given aperture and focal-length combination. Mark Bauer shares his advice on this fundamental technique of creative photography.