Born To Fly

Essential guide to woodland photography

Once an early interest in the land and sea begins to develop, it’s perfectly natural to want to expand horizons, set about capturing iconic locations and begin building something of a portfolio. If you live in Britain, some of those…

Essential Guide to Film Processing

Andrew Sanderson demonstrates how easy, beneficial and enjoyable it can be to process your own photographs in our essential guide to processing film

Photo Appraisal – Grand Designs

Damien Demolder examines readers' images, offering words of wisdom and constructive advice. We look at the image 'Grand Designs' by Bob Carter, to see how it might be improved.

Essential Guide to Darkroom Printing

Darkroom printing isn’t as difficult as you may think and it can be done without a great deal of expense. Andrew Sanderson runs through the basics

Photo Location Guide: Wareham Forest

In our Photo Location Guide series we reveal the best shooting spots around the UK. Jeremy Walker reveals why this beautiful pine woodland in Dorset offers some great photographic opportunities

Christmas Photo Project - Gardens 3

Christmas Photo Project – Gardens

Your garden may be awash with colour in summer, but winter can reveal a more subtle beauty that’s equally satisfying to photograph. Clive Nichols explains...

Christmas Photo Projects Food 3

Christmas Photo Project – Food

Everything from mince pies to a celebratory glass of champagne or even Christmas dinner itself can make a fantastic photographic subject. Here’s how you can end up with images that could grace the pages of a cookbook or glossy Sunday…

Christmas Photo Project – Bokeh

Pleasing bokeh always enhances an image, but modifying it can introduce a fun, Christmas-themed twist. Callum McInerney-Riley explains how to do it

29 Essential Winter Landscape Tips

Winter is a special time of year for landscape photography, and with the right preparation you can capture some special images. We caught up with four leading landscape photographers to get some expert tips

Essential Guide to Wedding Photography

You may not be a professional, but there's no reason why you can't take great wedding photographs. Our essential guide to wedding photography gives you everything you need

Shooting 4K video portraits

Shooting 4K video studio portraits

I’m pretty comfortable shooting products and people in studio and on location, but I’m rarely involved in video photography. My primary concern was to achieve a level of continuous lighting to capture movement in a way I’m used to with…