Video: Peter Dench on Photojournalism

British photojournalist, Peter Dench, speaks to AP about his previous and upcoming work and what it takes to be a successful photojournalist today

Tracy Calder Slow Art

Quick Tips: Celebrate slow art

Tomorrow, 8th April, has been designated Slow Art Day, a day for us to really appreciate art and photography. Here's a few tips on how to get the most out of it

Image: Derren Brown

Derren Brown on his passion for photography

Derren Brown is best known 
as an illusionist, performer and author, but he’s also a keen photographer. He tells more to Geoff Harris in his first interview with a photography magazine


Beginners guide to darkroom photography

Whether you’d like to turn a cupboard into a darkroom or prevent your fixer from becoming contaminated, Matt Parry and Neil Hibbs from Harman Technology have all the answers

Andrew Whyte - Light Painting

How to get started with light painting

Anything from cheap fairy lights to paint rollers can be used as a light painting tool, says Andrew Whyte, and the results are quite dazzling. We look into a step-by-step guide to light painting

Oscar Dewhurst cormorant with bubbles on face

Wildlife Watch: Cormorants

Widespread, conspicuous and tolerant of humans, cormorants make great winter subjects, says Oscar Dewhurst

Video: Peter Dench on ‘The Dench Dozen’

We speak to photojournalist and Olympus Visionary, Peter Dench, about his new book, The Dench Dozen, which offers an insight into the lives of twelve key British photographers