Used in conjunction with the right equipment and a bit of patience the following five macro photography tips will help your macro photography skills to blossom.

Orchid - macro photograph

Orchid – macro photograph

Macro photography tips:

1. Attract Your Subjects

Make your garden attractive to bees and insects. Plant lots of flowers and choose varieties that attract wildlife, such as Buddleia and Sunflowers.

2. Visit Public Gardens

If you don’t have a garden visit your local park, and landscaped gardens open to the public such as those run by the National Trust.

3. Make Sure the Voltage is Safe

Scour boot sales and local papers for small flashguns, but check the voltage before fitting one to your digital camera to ensure its compatible – lists the voltages for most old flashguns.

4. Try to Slave Flash

For more adventurous lighting try placing a flashgun on a slave trigger (easily obtainable from photo retailers) mounted on a support near the plant and firing it via the on-camera flash.

5. Keep Your Eyes Peeled

Look under rocks, fallen logs and so forth for suitable subject matter. Keep your eyes open for interesting creepy crawlies in your garden.

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By Alan McFaden