This DIY movie grip may look rudimentary, but it makes a huge difference when filming – especially if shooting from a low angle

The quality of the video that can be shot using a DSLR or CSC has increased rapidly in the past years, resulting in a bewildering array of video-orientated grips being sold. However, you don’t need to spend a huge amount to make your camera more video friendly, as this DIY grip proves.


The key ingredients are: plastic pipe (you will need roughly 60cm of 20–25mm diameter tube); two right-angle adapters to fit the pipe; and some sort of flat ‘plate’ to mount the camera on. I used 20mm conduit pipe with an inspection box for the camera base, and came home with change from £10 from the hardware shop.


The aim is to create a rough ‘C’ shape, so you need to cut your pipe into three lengths. The lengths don’t have to be equal as they will depend largely on the size and shape of your camera – about 10–20cm will be about right, but there are no hard and fast rules. Use the right-angle adapters to connect the pipes and form your ‘C’, gluing them together and possibly screwing or bolting them for added security (remember, you’ll be attaching your camera to this bracket).

For the base, I drilled a hole through the inspection box so I could fit a 1⁄2in (12.7mm) long, 1/4-20 bolt to attach the camera, and the finishing touch came in the form of a spare motorcycle handlebar grip I had kicking around my garage (foam pipe insulation, grip tape for bicycle handlebars or tennis rackets, or just the bare pipe would work just as well). It may look fairly rudimentary, but it makes a huge difference when you’re filming – especially if you’re shooting from a low angle.