Time lapse

If you want to add a panning movement to time-lapse videos this is a simple solution. You need a 60min kitchen timer with a hole drilled in the top that is large enough to fit a 1⁄4in tripod screw. Be careful when drilling as there may be some mechanical parts inside the timer that could be damaged. With most timers it is fairly easy to pull them apart so you can see what you are doing.


With the hole drilled, fix the tripod screw into place. For added rigidity, you may want to secure it in place by using some epoxy resin and a rubber washer. A small compact camera or even a mobile phone in a tripod case can then be attached to the timer. Turning the timer all the way round will allow the camera to rotate 360° over the course of one hour. Using the camera’s intervalometer, you can set it to take pictures every few seconds to create a time-lapse video. The more frequent the images, the longer the time-lapse video will be. For example, one image every second would create 3,600 images, which would be a 120sec video at 30fps. One image every 3secs for 30mins would create 600 images and a 20sec video at 30fps.

As an optional extra, drill a second larger hole at the bottom and fit a 3⁄8in to 1⁄4in tripod thread adapter to allow you to mount the panning device to a tripod.