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How to photograph mist

How to photograph mist

The winter months can provide impressive weather, you just need to keep your eyes open. In this article we show you how to photograph mist

Shooting 4K video portraits

Shooting 4K video studio portraits

I’m pretty comfortable shooting products and people in studio and on location, but I’m rarely involved in video photography. My primary concern was to achieve a level of continuous lighting to capture movement in a way I’m used to with…

Shooting wildlife with 4K video

Shooting wildlife with 4K video

I have to admit that video is a little alien to me. I enjoying editing video, but it is rarely footage that I have shot myself, and I certainly have never tackled any moving footage of wildlife. What I quickly…

Shooting 4K video stills

Practicalities of shooting 4K video stills

A frame of 4K video contains 8-million pixels, more than enough to create a nice print of an image, and certainly more than enough to use as editorial on a website. Here are some of the factors you might need…


How to photograph stars

Every night we go to sleep, there is an incredible display of beauty slowly passing overhead that we have forgotten – the stars. Now, thanks to the advances involving high ISO capabilities, taking a picture of that beauty with your…

Photographing star trails

Photographing Star Trails

In this article we tell you how to photograph landscapes featuring star trails...

thumbnail 002 Soft shadow-free light is ideal for woodland scenes

7 Top Tips for Shooting Autumn Colour

1. Use Reflections Use the reflective power of water to exploit autumn colour, shooting either in calm weather for a mirror-like reflection or breezy conditions for a more impressionistic look. The most vivid reflections of trees occur when they are…