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Expert guide to architecture photography

Architecture may be everywhere but with a little imagination, it can provide some amazing images. Lee Frost give his advice on getting creative with architecture photography

Front focusing means the camera focuses just in front of your intended target. Here, the strings of the fiddle are sharp rather than the musician's face

How to adjust autofocus on your DSLR

Sometimes DSLR autofocus systems need a little nudging to ensure the subject stays sharp. Angela Nicholson explains all you need to know about how to adjust autofocus on your camera


Expert tips for shooting time-lapses

Shooting time-lapses has got a lot easier with today’s DSLRs. Top practitioner and author Mark Higgins shares some essential tips and techniques

michael kenna minimalism

Expert guide to minimalist photography

Moody atmospheric landscapes often involving long exposures, are widely copied but difficult to do well. Geoff Harris gets some essential advice from minimalist expert Michael Kenna


Quick tips: Typography

Here are some super-quick steps for shooting lettering and typography while you're out and about

mike topham silhouettes

Expert guide to silhouette photography

Silhouettes add drama, mystery and impact to your photographs, says Tracy Calder, so don't be afraid of the dark - take your camera in hand and step into the shadows

Using a 24mm lens enables you to capture a wider vista and have lots of depth of field. It’s a good choice for travel photography

Prime lenses for your Canon DSLR

Canon has a terrific array of lenses on offer, which can make selecting the right prime lens for you and your photography tricky. Fear not, we’re here to help…

Using off-camera flash is an effective way to achieve studio-style portraits while shooting out in the field

Essential guide to off-camera flash

Off-camera flash can be used to create stunning portraits, adding a level of depth and drama to your images you simply can’t achieve with forward-facing flash alone. We explore how it all works and what you need to get started……