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Amy Drucker Family Portraits

How to shoot family portraits

It's always a good time for candid images of young family members that you will treasure all year round. Amy Drucker shares her insights and tips on shooting family portraits

Pete Reed Sunset from the Rialto Venice

Going for gold: Pete Reed interview

In between being a three-times Olympic gold-medal winner and Royal Navy officer, Pete Reed is a keen photographer. Geoff Harris catches up with him for a chat

Adrian Boot punk

Shooting punk: Adrian Boot talks about his career

Since the 1970s, Adrian Boot has photographed famous musicians, including the superstars of punk, reggae and rock. He spoke to Steve Fairclough about his career and his new exhibition of punk pictures

In a pickle

Creative Photoshop: In a pickle

Sometimes it’s best to work alone and use yourself as a model, says Jane Long, so long as you don’t mind picking chickpeas out of your hair for hours...

Tracy Calder decay

Quick tips: Photographing decay

In today's Quick Tips, we take a look at an often-overlooked aesthetic subject: decay. This winter, from abandoned buildings to decomposing flowers, here's how to get into photographing decay

Use a beanbag Tracy Calder

Quick tips: Use a beanbag

In today's Quick Tips, we look at the diminutive alternative to the trusty tripod - the beanbag. What's it all about?

autumn macro tracy calder leaves and berries

Autumn macro photography

Autumn is the perfect season to indulge in some close-up and macro photography, says Tracy Calder. So pack your bag and head out to the woods