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Using classic lenses

Glass from the past: Using classic lenses

It’s now easier than ever to use old manual-focus lenses on your camera. Andy Westlake talks you through how to get the most out of them, from shooting to image processing

Retro filters

Retro filters: Flares, flower power and filters

Most of us have got a ‘retro’ filter lurking at the back of a cupboard, but are any of them actually still useful? David Noton puts his reputation on the line and admits to some shameful past habits

Autumn waders black-tailed godwit

Wildlife Watch: Autumn waders

In autumn many species of waders head south and settle around the UK coastline. Oscar Dewhurst explains how best to capture them

Rescue tips

When disaster strikes: rescue tips

Knowing what to do when the unthinkable happens can save your sanity as well as your images and kit. Angela Nicholson has tips to guide you back from the brink in various hair-raising situations

The Lake District

Top Autumn Photography Locations UK

Sadly the summer is almost on its way out, but that doesn’t mean we have to pack our cameras away. The Autumn may not have the heat, but it certainly offers some wonderful light and colours. We asked professional landscape…

Printing ink colours

15 printing problems solved

It’s never been more important to print easily lost digital images, but the process can be frustrating. Tim Daly shares his cast-iron print workflow for a higher success rate and lower printing costs