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Hollie Latham Hucker Bokehrama

Quick Tips: ‘Bokehrama’

If you have a passion for portraits, you should try your hand at shooting a ‘Bokehrama’ for unusual results. In today's Quick Tips, we look at getting stitching shots together for a better blur

Tracy Calder bracketing

Quick Tips: Bracketing

The art of bracketing (shooting multiple versions of the same shot at different exposures) is nothing new to most photographers but, with more control options available than ever, it's becoming an increasingly useful tool

Video: Keith Wilson on Remembering Rhinos

AP speaks to Keith Wilson, the editor of Remembering Elephants and Remember Rhinos, about the importance of photography when it comes to highlighting conservational issues

Little egret calling on landing

Wildlife Watch: Little Egrets

These elegant birds are covering more of the UK every year, says Oscar Dewhurst. But they are wary so require a patient approach

Video: Charlie Waite on LPOTY

AP speaks to Landscape Photographer, Charlie Waite, about the success of Landscape Photographer of the Year (LPOTY) over the past ten years

Shutterstock freelensing

Quick Tips: Freelensing

In today's Quick Tips, we're looking into getting lovely defocused effects by freelensing. Enjoy the sunshine and get creative!

Canon Custom Menu Secrets

Customising your Canon DSLR: Part 2

From changing the role of buttons to registering options for easy recall, Matt Golowczynski explains how to get the most out of your Canon DSLR camera