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thumbnail 002 Soft shadow-free light is ideal for woodland scenes

7 Top Tips for Shooting Autumn Colour

    1. Use Reflections Use the reflective power of water to exploit autumn colour, shooting either in calm weather for a mirror-like reflection or breezy conditions for a more impressionistic look. The most vivid reflections of trees occur when…

Backlit narcissi wuth sun flare

Nature Tips

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Landscape Tips

Explore the options when shooting stunning scenery using these 12 top tips...

Use Soft Lighting:
Hard, high-contrast lighting enhances texture so is fine for showing the character in wrinkly old men, but is otherwise usually a no-no for portraiture. For flattering results, especially of women, use soft diffused lighting. With natural light this means shade or overcast skies. Indoors, shoot near a north-facing window, or a large white wall, or use a light source diffused by a reflector or softbox.

Portrait Tips

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Action Tips

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Ways To Increase Output

We’re all guilty of letting our images gather dust on our hard drives. Make 2014 the year that you turn your pictures into something tangible and show them off where people can see them. Here are a few ideas...


Lighting Tips

Shedding light on creative techniques to use and how to avoid common pitfalls...


Improve Your Workstation

There are plenty of ways to improve the performance of your digital darkroom, from the hardware you use to the processes you put in place. This will ensure your time isn’t wasted while you’re waiting for your computer to catch…