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Photo Appraisal: Utah rocks

Photo: Utah rocks Taken by: Eric Begbie Nikon D300, 17-55mm, 1/640sec at f/9, ISO 200 I like this shot of Eric’s. It’s the kind of picture I find quite hard to take myself, and I usually have to spend ages…

Adam Crudge-after

Photo editing masterclass: Intensifying tone and colour

    The most striking thing about this image from Adam Crudge is the symmetrical composition and the way the angle of the feathers leads the eye into the centre of the image. This is therefore a perfect illustration of…

Misty morning

How to photograph misty mornings

The winter months can provide impressive weather, you just need to keep your eyes open. In this article we show you how to photograph mist


Photo Appraisal: Messing Woods

Photo: Messing Woods Taken by: Bob Hill Fujifilm FinePix S5 Pro, 18-200mm, 1/250sec at f/8, ISO 400 Photography is all about light, but in the clambering for exciting subject matter and our human attention for the physical, we often forget…

Create your own gif

How to make a GIF for Facebook

Facebook now supports GIF images for your profile picture. But what if you don’t want a GIF of Benedict Cumberbatch or Jennifer Lawrence representing your face - easy, make your own in Photoshop.

Phil Yorks-after

Photo Appraisal: Opera House

Expert advice and tips on improving your photography from Damien Demolder. Damien looks at Opera House by Phil Yorks to see how it may be improved.