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mike topham silhouettes

Expert guide to silhouette photography

Silhouettes add drama, mystery and impact to your photographs, says Tracy Calder, so don't be afraid of the dark - take your camera in hand and step into the shadows

Using a 24mm lens enables you to capture a wider vista and have lots of depth of field. It’s a good choice for travel photography

Prime lenses for your Canon DSLR

Canon has a terrific array of lenses on offer, which can make selecting the right prime lens for you and your photography tricky. Fear not, we’re here to help…

Using off-camera flash is an effective way to achieve studio-style portraits while shooting out in the field

Essential guide to off-camera flash

Off-camera flash can be used to create stunning portraits, adding a level of depth and drama to your images you simply can’t achieve with forward-facing flash alone. We explore how it all works and what you need to get started……


Remembering Elephants

A new book titled Remembering Elephants highlights the serious consequences of elephant poaching in Africa. The book’s editor, Keith Wilson, tells Oliver Atwell a very worrying story

Sun breaking through rain clouds iStock

Quick tips: Make the most of the rain

Regardless of the season, rain is a fact of life in the UK. So don’t put your camera away at the first sign of rain. Check out our quick tips for making the most of rainy days.