Photography how-to, tips and advice

Star trails with the ruin of a priory in the foreground

Essential guide to astrophotography

It’s still possible to get unpolluted views of the night sky in the UK. Andrew Whyte reveals how to capture the heavens at their best


Photo Location Guide: Broughton Down

In our Photo Location Guide series we reveal the best shooting spots. Colin Roberts explains why Broughton Down in Hampshire is perfect for landscapes

Mark Bauer

33 Essential Spring Photo Tips

Five top landscape and nature photographers provide expert advice on how to get the best shots this spring

Born To Fly

Essential guide to woodland photography

Once an early interest in the land and sea begins to develop, it’s perfectly natural to want to expand horizons, set about capturing iconic locations and begin building something of a portfolio. If you live in Britain, some of those…

Guide to processing film

Essential Guide to Film Processing

Andrew Sanderson demonstrates how easy, beneficial and enjoyable it can be to process your own photographs in our essential guide to processing film

Lens flare can add a warm and hazy glow to your images. Photo by Tom Calton

Portrait Photography Projects

Inspire your portrait images with new ideas by trying out some of our portrait photography projects

Stour Valley

Photo Location Guide: The Stour Valley

In our Photo Location Guide series we reveal the best shooting spots around the UK. Justin Minns reveals what the Stour Valley has to offer