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Photo insight with Alexander James

Alexander James discusses the lengthy process behind his surreal image of several generations of butterflies. He explains all to Jade Severs


Photo appraisal: Lake at Dawn

Expert advice and tips on improving your photography from Damien Demolder. He gives his appraisal of Lake at Dawn by Amri Arfianto and offers advice on how it might be improved.

Charlotte Sams split-level photography

Guide to split-level photography

Split-level photography captures images both above and below the water. AP talks to three photographers who explore these dual worlds


How to master soft-focus photography

A soft-focus effect is usually associated with ‘romantic’ portraits or early glamour shots. However, to see this effect purely in those limiting ways would be to miss out on a very creative tool. Many photographers from the past have employed…

Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Oliver Curtis Q&A: Looking the other way

Over the last four years, Oliver Curtis has visited some of the world's most famous buildings, monuments and landmarks to take pictures... facing the 'wrong' direction. We chat to him about his photo-project, titled 'Volte-face', and the importance of looking…


Get creative with motion blur

While blur is a pain when you want to keep all aspects of a shot pin sharp, such as an image of a sweeping landscape or formal portrait, it’s a creative tool when used deliberately. There’s something about the controlled…


Light painting: How to paint with light

Using the simplest means and methods, Eric Paré collaborated with Kim henry to create light-painting images of outstanding beauty. he talks to Amy Davies


Bluffing gig shots: tips for great concert photography

If you’re into photography and music, the chance to shoot a live concert ticks two big boxes. Gig photography isn’t easy, though, and even pros have to work under tough conditions. Often they can only stay in the photo pit…


Shallow depth of field portraiture

Photographer Phil Sharp explains how shallow depth of field can add an extra dimension to your portrait photography. He talks to Oliver Atwell