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Portrait captured with Zeiss 135mm f2.8

Best kit for portrait photography

Not sure what you need to pack in your kit bag for photographing portraits? Have a look at our guide to the best kit for portrait photography.

Lens mount adapters

Match makers: Lens mount adapters

Lens mount adapters allow you to use alternative lenses on your camera. Andy Westlake takes a look at the various options available

Fujifilm X-T2

Best Fujifilm camera deals

Fuji is a brand which is well-loved by photographers. Its cameras are oozing with retro style, with the substance of a high-performing sensor. Currently, Fuji offers a range of X series cameras which all offer something a little bit different.…

Sony Alpha 9

Best Sony camera deals

Sony makes some of the best cameras currently available on the market. It has made a name for itself in recent years as being an innovative company, bringing new technologies to the market that once we might have only dreamed…

Best zoom lenses for Sony

Zoom lenses are great for giving you the most flexibility, enabling a range of focal lengths to be accessible without having to change the lens. However, it can be tough trying to decide what to buy when considering the best zoom…

Best zoom lenses for Nikon

If you’re after the most flexible type of lens, a zoom lens is generally considered a good idea. You can shoot at different focal lengths, without the hassle and fuss of having to change lenses (or carry them around). Of…

Nikon D7500

Best Nikon camera deals

Shopping for a new camera model can be a headache, and picking the right one often comes down to which you can get for the best price. Luckily, right now there’s some great deals that you can enjoy with Nikon DSLRs…

Canon EOS 6D Mark II vs Canon EOS 6D – Is it worth upgrading?

It took nearly five years for Canon to finally unveil an upgrade to its “entry-level” full-frame model. The 6D Mark II features a series of improvements compared to its predecessor. In this piece, we are going to take a look at what’s changed,…

Best kit for wildlife photography

We take a look at what you should be packing when heading out for a wildlife photography shoot to help you get the best shots possible.