With a full-frame 24.3-million-pixel sensor and an updated autofocusing module, is the Nikon D750 the perfect all-rounder? Callum McInerney-Riley finds out in our Nikon D750 review

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Nikon D750

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  • 24.3-million-pixel sensor
  • Built-in Wi-fi
  • Tiltable LCD


  • Maximum 1/4000 Shutter Speed
  • No AF-On button
  • No GPS


Nikon D750 Review


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Nikon D750 review – Verdict

Nikon has covered almost every feature likely to appear on the wish-list of an enthusiast photographer and added a few extra for good measure. It’s great to see Wi-fi inside a high-end DSLR and a host of video-based advancements. The build quality of the camera is very good and it strike a great balance between the size and weight. Thanks to the large grip at the front the D750 feels incredible in hand. The D810 was praised for its good handling but for me, the D750 has the edge for comfort, particular when walking around with larger lenses. With the mode dial, button lay-out and menu system being akin to Nikon’s entry-level DSLRs, the amateur photographer upgrading to full-frame should feel right at home.

Resolution of the D750 is of course not as good as cameras such as the D810/D800E but for the vast majority of photographers the 24.3-million-pixel sensor should adequately quench the thirst for megapixels. Landscape photographers might like more, but the D750 should be perfectly capable of making detailed A2 (16”x24”) prints.

One of the biggest highlights of the D750 is the autofocusing system. In all conditions it performed brilliantly, finding focus quickly and accurately.

Nikon have created a camera that has all the fundamentals right and as a result, the D750 is one of the best all around DSLR cameras currently available.

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  • Noel Patterson

    Got one of these having previously used the D700. Image quality is definitely a step forward which is the main thing.

    However a couple of irritations which I have not seen mentioned in reviews firstly despite encouraging more live view shooting with the tilt screen they have replaced the D700’s little lever which allowed you to stop light entering the camera via the eye piece with the need to remove the rubber eye piece and replace it with a different cover! Also the D750 ships with a ridiculously short USB cable and no cover for the flash hot shoe – all seems a bit silly given the price. However definitely enjoying using the D750.