Built-in Wi-Fi and GPS extend the possibilities with Canon’s ‘affordable’ 20.2-million-pixel, full-frame EOS 6D. Read the Canon EOS 6D review...

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Canon EOS 6D review – Features

The EOS 6D’s key selling points are its ‘affordability’, and Wi-Fi and GPS functionality in a small, lightweight body – hence the ‘travel-friendly’ tag. It is the first DSLR to have Wi-Fi and GPS built in, with most other cameras at this level requiring separate units for these functions. In use, the EOS 6D’s Wi-Fi and GPS are sophisticated. I have gone into much more detail on the Wi-Fi functionality in the Features in use section on page 46, especially the remote shooting possibilities.

As for GPS, images can be given location tags, recording longitude, latitude, elevation and time. Canon’s Map Utility is a useful tool to view these locations, and with the GPS logger enabled, the route taken during a day’s shooting can be mapped out. Certainly, for those who note their locations on images when sharing or selling them, GPS can save a lot of time.

The EOS 6D uses a new 20.2-million-pixel, full-frame, CMOS sensor, while 14-bit raw capture is possible in three sizes: 20, 11 and 5 million pixels. Like the EOS 5D Mark III, raw and JPEG files are processed using Canon’s latest Digic 5+ processor, which in this case enables shooting at up to 4.5fps in the continuous high-speed drive mode. However, this frame rate is unlikely to satisfy keen action photographers, especially with what on paper is a basic 11-point autofocus system. In JPEG format, though, it is possible to record more than 300 frames at this rate.

Image: Detail is sharp in this image taken with the Canon 50mm f/1.2L USM lens

Other notable shooting modes include HDR and multiple exposure. HDR mode is available in JPEG-only format, and offers up to a ±3EV extension to the dynamic range, captured over three frames. Despite the frames being recorded consecutively, the auto-align feature means that a tripod is not always necessary, as the scene can often be captured handheld.

Multiple exposure can be used to combine up to nine frames, and the first frame can be selected from any image already existing on the memory card. Handily, each exposure in the sequence is displayed immediately after capture, and it can be deleted and shot again, if desired. The latest version of the picture can also be displayed when lining up the next frame in the sequence.

All in all, the EOS 6D is a powerhouse when it comes to features, and for all but action photographers offers pretty much everything that is needed.

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  • entoman

    I’ve got two 6D bodies, used primarily for butterfly photography in rainforests and cloudforests. The camera is a real joy to use, excellent ergonomics, great meter, fantastic silent shutter, huge clear viewfinder. Autofocus options are limited but I find the centre-spot to be extremely fast and accurate, even with moving butterflies in poor lighting conditions. The megapixel count is a bit lower than the equivalent Nikons but the image quality is extremely good – razor sharp, and noise is virtually non-existent even at ISO 3200! Amazing. My only complaints are regarding durability and quality control. One of my bodies went haywire and became completely unusable when used for a few hours on a hot humid Amazon river-beach. The other body has 2 “live” always-on pixels – easily fixed with Photoshop healing tool, but nevertheless an irritation.

  • Prescott Vong

    Canon EOS 6D is a “king” in low light environment or when flash is not allowed. I tested high ISO 6400, 8000, & 12800 during indoor wedding dinner, it is almost without noise, some pictures are low noise. It is a perfect camera for single shot perfect picture.

  • Jim

    I have this camera and did a basic course with it and found it very good but I would think they would make the add on view finder a bit less expensive

  • Roger Macdonald

    An interesting combination of killer features and a poorely thought user out interface. Having used it once I am totally addicted to the GPS feature, similarily the wi-fi is (I think) unique in this type of camera. Image quality is superb but there are several features that are just not up to the job, single axis levels for example and that only visible in the viewfinder if you hold down the DOF button! I could go on.

    Finally why do I have, on my first day of use, to go and buy a third party lens cap and camera strap?

  • Malcolm Andrew

    The 6D is my first Canon camera, having always been a Nikon man. I wanted to scale up to FX from a Nikon D90 but was put off buying the Nikon D600 because of the host of comments about dust/oil on the sensor. The 6D hasn’t disappointed me. It has excellent build quality, the controls are more thoughtfully designed than the Nikon (and most are on the right on the back), and I just love the built-in GPS and wifi. With the Eos Remote app, I can operate the camera from my iPhone. I bought the 6D with the kit lens (24-105mm f4) which got good reviews and has produced excellent results for me. I tried the autofocus in servo mode on moving steam trains from track side this weekend and was impressed with the performance. I have also been using the ISO in auto mode, I thing I don’t usually do (preferring to set it manually), but have found that the camera chooses very intelligent settings in a variety of lighting conditions. Although I have had the camera for only a few weeks, I am very pleased with my migration to Canon and with the 6D.

  • garrie

    beware… i live in Beijing and the camera i bought here was sold without GPS or mention that it was!