Pentax K-5 II review

Dynamic range

Looking over a number of images captured with the K-5 II, it is clear that the camera is able to capture a wide range of tones. In high-contrast landscapes, the 16.3-million-pixel sensor captures slightly more detail in highlights and shadows than one would get with most other cameras. Put simply, the camera has to be up there with the best cameras for its ability to capture tonal detail. Going a step further, the K-5 II also offers a number of settings and modes that are designed either to extend the dynamic range or adjust the exposure levels to make detail more obvious.

In the D-Range setting menu, both highlight and shadow correction can be activated (which can be added post-capture to raw files, too), with each setting adjusting the exposure levels to make detail more obvious. Also, as noted in the features section, HDR capture can extend the dynamic range, and thanks to the auto align feature provided by sensor-shift, it is not necessary to use a tripod in this mode.