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Built-in Wi-Fi and GPS extend the possibilities with Canon’s ‘affordable’ 20.2-million-pixel, full-frame EOS 6D. Read the Canon EOS 6D review...

Canon EOS 6D front
Canon EOS 6D front Canon EOS 6D back

Canon EOS 6D at a glance:

  • 20.2-million-pixel, full-frame, CMOS sensor
  • ISO 100-25,600 (extends to ISO 50-102,400)
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and GPS
  • Lightweight at 755g, including battery and card
  • Street price around £1,700

Canon EOS 6D review - Introduction

Full-frame DSLRs used to be priced for and targeted at professional photographers. However, such guidelines no longer strictly apply. Like Nikon's D600, the Canon EOS 6D is an ‘affordable' full-frame DSLR aimed squarely at the enthusiast, but which may also find popularity with professionals who want a lightweight back-up model. In the case of Nikon's camera, it even goes in the company's consumer range, sitting below the APS-C-sized D300S, which is in the professional line. It is actually in certain key areas, such as the autofocus and metering systems, and in particular build quality, that we now find the main differences between professional and enthusiast models. The EOS 6D is the smallest and lightest full-frame camera from Canon, and is partly constructed from magnesium alloy.

To accommodate those considering an enthusiast full-frame camera for the first time, we are beginning to see smaller and more lightweight full-frame lenses being announced - for example, the Canon EF 24-70mm f/4L IS USM lens. So there is in effect a whole new full-frame system being created for enthusiasts.

Interestingly, the target audience for the Canon EOS 6D allows Canon greater freedom to try new things and market it in different ways than it does with its professional models. For instance, the company says that built-in GPS and Wi-Fi make the EOS 6D an ideal travel camera. However, while these are the EOS 6D's stand-out functions, the camera also features a new imaging sensor and inherits reliable aspects, such as its metering system, from previous Canon DSLRs.