Sony Alpha 99 review

White balance and colour

All the Sony Alpha cameras I have used typically have a punchy colour rendition when set to the standard colour mode, and the Alpha 99 is no different. I rarely choose the more muted natural or highly saturated vivid colour modes, as I am usually satisfied with the standard setting. I find that in the standard setting blue skies are punchy, as are greens in a landscape, but I did enjoy using the vivid setting when photographing colourful beach huts. There are a few extra colour modes available, namely autumn leaves, deep and sunset. Each of the colour modes can be adjusted for saturation, sharpness and contrast. I suspect the professionals and serious enthusiasts at whom the Alpha 99 is aimed are less likely to dabble with the picture effects, which include toy camera, high-key and partial colour, and which are available in JPEG capture only.

There are no surprises when it comes to the accuracy of the white balance system. AWB is, on the whole, reliable, but one must be wary of the usual scenes that may trick the colour rendition, typically where a single colour dominates a scene.

Image: There are a number of colour modes, all of which are available pre-capture and only in-camera. The six below are likely to be the most commonly used