Sony Alpha 99 review

High speed shooting

Impressive as they sound, each of the 8fps and 10fps tele-zoom high-speed burst modes on the Alpha 99 is available in JPEG format only, at medium or low quality respectively, and with autofocus and exposure locked from the first frame. For full-resolution raw and JPEG images, and with exposure and AF control during a continuous high-speed burst, the continuous high mode offers a reasonable 6fps rate.

In good light and using a low ISO, continuous high provides a burst in excess of 20 frames in JPEG format only, which is solid. In low light with high ISO settings, the increased application of noise reduction reduces the number of frames in a burst. Having used the Alpha 99 for a low-light floodlit football match, the number of frames in a burst was not enough to capture passages of play, getting ten frames at best. Reverting to the more responsive tele-zoom high-speed burst, the lack of exposure control is frustrating. I found the camera often opted for shutter speeds too slow to freeze the fast action. So, while the camera's autofocus performs well, it is not backed up by an effective high-speed shooting capability in low-light conditions.