Pentax K-x review


As mentioned earlier in this article, autofocus is one area where Pentax has made improvements with the launch of the K-x. The new model has an 11-point AF sensor, which is the same as that found in the K-7, and much improved over the five-point system of the K-m. Nine of these sensors are of the cross type, which are more accurate than standard AF points.

The biggest improvement in the AF is that the AF points can now be selected individually. However, the AF point in use is not illuminated in the viewfinder, which can make it difficult to remember which point is in use and where it is placed in relation to the subject on which you are trying to focus.

On the whole, the AF system of the K-x seems slightly faster than the AF of the K-m. I found that the K-x still searches for focus a little too much when in AF-C mode and it isn’t as ‘snappy’ as more expensive cameras.

That said, unless you intend to photograph sports or fast-moving wildlife, the AF should be able to cope adequately with most situations.

Pentax K-x - Autofocus score: 7/10