Jon Devo tries out Samsung’s new smart camera, featuring the world’s first APS-C-sized, 28.2-million-pixel backside illuminated sensor and a host of other exciting specs

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Samsung NX1 Smart Camera

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  • - High-resolution sensor with good low-light performance
  • - Samsung’s fastest image processor allows for 15fps stills shooting
  • - Ultra high definition (4K) video recording
  • - Fast hybrid AF system with 205 phase-detection and up to 153 cross-type points
  • - Robust build and design


  • - Some fiddly controls
  • - JPEG images are too heavily processed by default
  • - Image buffer not large enough


Samsung NX1 Review


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Samsung NX 1 Review – Verdict

front-with-flash-up1Samsung is a brand known for its innovation. However, despite swallowing up television, smartphone and tablet market share, the company has had a much tougher time trying to make a significant impact on the camera world, at least beyond small digital compacts. This is partly because Samsung’s cameras have simply not been good enough in the face of direct competition. However, I also attribute a large part of the challenge the company faces, at least in the UK and Europe, to the fact that the Samsung brand hasn’t ever produced a camera that positions itself in line with
the requirements of serious enthusiast and professional photographers – until now.

The Samsung NX1 is highly promising. It’s a true hybrid camera that is well connected through some of the fastest ports and wireless technology currently available, while its 28.2-million-pixel BSI CMOS APS-C-sized sensor sets a new standard for APS-C, with resolution resolving performance comparable to the Nikon D810. Of course, the NX1 and D810 aren’t directly comparable, given the difference in crop factor and resolution, but in our resolution chart tests the NX1 managed to resolve around 3800l/ph – which is almost as good as the D810 on a pixel level. When we received the invitation to the NX1 launch announcement we were told to expect something special, and I must say that after using the NX1 for myself, I’m inclined to agree.

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  • Daryll Peter Griffith

    umm dude they gave the autofocus full grades

  • Marco –

    A fair review. Buffering has always been a huge issue with nx cameras and this one is no exception. Considering its pro target, at least 30-40 raw images should be taken in a row, before slowing down.

    Besides af seems quite worse than advertised by samsung and, for sure, less capable than 7d mk-ii.

    So a nice attempt by samsung, flawed by several issues, like eg the impossibility to turn off nr at iso lower than 6400, or to set an exposure compensation forrr auto iso in M mode. Too many issues for a camera at this price point!

    And I agree on the con about the design. A mirrorless camera which is as big, heavy and ugly as a basic dslr.