With 60 improvements and refinements over the X-E1, is the Fujifilm X-E2 everything an enthusiast looks for from a retro-style system camera? Find out by reading the Fujifilm X-E2 review

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Fujifilm X-E2 review – Autofocus

While the 49-point AF arrangement sounds impressive, it’s no different to the X-E1 in that the coverage doesn’t meet the edge of the frame. That said, it’s useful having the option to alter the size of the AF point using the control dial at the rear.

In single AF mode, the X-E2 locks onto targets more accurately than the X-E1, although its speed doesn’t match that of the Light Speed system in the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX7 and DMC-GM1. Another positive to take from the X-E2 is a more sprightly continuous AF performance, with no restriction to using it only in multi AF mode: it is now possible to use it in area AF mode too.

Without a touchscreen to tap in order to move the AF point over the target, you must hit the AF button that has been repositioned from beside the screen to the D-pad, which isn’t ideal for on-the-spot captures or moving subjects.

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  • entoman

    Very impressed with build quality and general handling. Fixed screen is a disappointment, let’s hope they bring out an X-E3 with an articulated screen. The view through the EVF is incredible good, large, bright, very clear readouts, and no “tearing” effect. Tried the 60mm macro and it locked onto focus very accurately, even in poor light, but the lens doesn’t feature internal focussing, so it takes literally about 3 seconds to rack out to closest focus, so absolutely hopeless for its intended purpose i.e. insect photography. Panasonic GX7 with 45mm macro was much better in this respect, but didn’t feel as well made, and had a lousy EVF with “tearing” effect.