Samsung NX30 review

Our verdict

What the Samsung NX30 lacks in build quality it makes up for in handling. The placement of the buttons has been refined from its predecessor and made even better. In-hand, the camera feels very well balanced, even with some of the larger lenses in Samsung's ever-growing lens line-up. The Wi-Fi connectivity works very well and offers some unusual ways to upload and back up images that could prove useful.

The highlights of the Samsung NX30 are the LCD and EVF. Both are exceptionally good and could rival some the best compact system cameras and entry-level DSLRs on the market. I found the images from the camera had an impressive dynamic range and achieve good noise performance right up to a sensitivity of ISO 800. After that, JPEG images are burdened by in-camera noise reduction that start to breakdown a lot of detail, increasing in intensity progressively towards the maximum ISO. Thankfully, the raw images are good up to a much higher ISO and a lot of detail is retained that can be brought back using the free copy of Lightroom 5 included.

Providing low-light performance at high ISO sensitivity isn't imperative, as the Samsung NX30 will do a fantastic job in many situations. With fast autofocusing, exceptionally good handling, class-leading LCD and EVF and extensive connectivity, the Samsung NX30 is great in most situations.