Fujifilm X-E1 review

White balance and colour

It is clear from even a first look at JPEG files from the Fuji X-E1 that the colour rendition using AWB is very good indeed. In a landscape taken on a bright day, blues in the sky are punchy and greens realistic. In overcast conditions, too, the tone is warm, while in many other systems AWB can give cool results.

As I have already mentioned, there are ten colour modes in the film simulation menu, covering a wide range of shooting styles. I usually shoot in the standard colour mode, which here is called the Provia setting, but I find the vivid setting (Velvia) produces great results that are not oversaturated like many of the vivid settings in camera systems, unless the conditions are really bright already. With such a good choice of colour modes, I found myself switching between them a lot, especially the black & white options, where there are three filters designed for different situations. The red filter darkens a bright sky for great impact, while the green filter enhances the midtone detail, which is great for portraits. The film-simulation bracketing is great because the three colour modes can be recorded simultaneously.