Panasonic’s latest top-end travel compact features a Leica lens with 20x optical zoom, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Tim Coleman investigates what is below the surface

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ30

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ30 review


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Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ30 at a glance:

  • 14.1 million effective pixels
  • 1/2.33in (6.16×4.62mm) sensor
  • 20x optical zoom (24-480mm equivalent)
  • ISO 100-3200 (1600-6400 High Sensitivity mode)
  • 5fps with continuous AF
  • Street price around £330

Travel cameras are designed to be pocked sized, and to provide the features needed to cover a wide range of situations. Panasonic’s Lumix TZ series is one of the market leaders and the DMC-TZ30 is the latest flagship model. It is an engineering feat to include a 20x optical zoom in a camera of this size, which is the sort of range normally reserved for larger bridge cameras, such as Panasonic’s Lumix DMC-FZ150 with its 24x optical zoom.

Camera designers must walk a fine line between producing models that have good image quality and offering the widest possible focal-length lens. The lens of a bridge camera is larger and packs more glass than a compact camera optic, and should result in sharper results. So can a compact camera such as the TZ30 really do a comparable job?

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  2. 2. Features
  3. 3. Build and handling
  4. 4. Performance
  5. 5. Resolution, Noise & Dynamic Range
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  • Barry

    The P mode beats all scene modes in all areas the scene modes are more than unecessary even for amuetrs. Well thats my opinion as a photographer but i realize different photographers have different opinions. But i would recommend the D90 as well because the D90 and D300 are very similliar in performance and quality. The d300 is onlt faster.

  • James

    The more the check over of your theme, the more distorted the soacil class. The image was full with the lamp at a large slant. If you spurt at large slant, the soacil class blur is not so much in comparison when you zoom in. But you still aspire the lamp to be a small blurry, because when everything is hot .. water supply, then you have too many distractions in the frame. If you aspire the total picture of the horn without line, you call for a fixed focal part for super distorted (bokeh) soacil class.VA:F [1.9.13_1145]please wait…VA:F [1.9.13_1145](from 0 votes)